Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The new EF.

EdenFantasy's sure changed a lot in the last year. I went to check my commissions (hoping that I had enough to order a new set of Doc Johnson stimulator sleeves) and it took me almost 10 minutes to find the correct link. I had not expected such a huge change, but it happened anyways. I'm hoping to get back into reviewing soon, and I'm afraid I will need to relearn most of the site.

Did I just say I plan on returning to reviewing? Yes I did :) I'm not sure when, but hopefully within a month. My home situation has changed some. I no longer have an outside job and my marriage is going surprisingly well still. Sure, there have been rough patches, but they have not been anything major or serious. I find myself spending more time doing yard work and putting more focus on teaching my young children getting them ready for kindergarten. My husband works long hours...and well...I'm getting bored. Not really aching to jump into a new job just yet, and I am so tired of doing yard work and "busy" work around the house. I doubt I will get so heavy into it as I did last time. I have some toys that I need to write updates for, and some products that I bought and never got around to reviewing. I will work on those first while I figure out how things are done now. I am a little scared about it really, so much has changed I'm not sure what I'll find when I start digging back into reviewing. I'm excited about it as well...very excited :)

I did have enough in my commissions to buy something; I had more than I expected or hoped for. I expected to have about $40, but I had just over $100! I was able to get the set of stimulator sleeves like I wanted, plus two other toys I've wanted for a very long time. My original set of sleeves turned yellowish after awhile (approximately around 6-9 months) and I threw them away. Well, that was all fine and good during the times when I didn't have a sex partner or during the period of time gaining trust and rebuilding a sexual relationship with my husband again. Now however, I really miss those little sleeves. Sex is good without them, but while my husband is doing his thing I keep thinking "ohh, if only he were wearing that little sleeve with the nubs on it." For some reason we've been having sex more than twice a week now (his libido, not mine. I want sex at least once every day).

For the longest time we weren't using toys at all, and we're just getting back into the practice of dragging out the toy chest. During these runs with the toys, I've noticed that I don't have a very good selection of dildos. I've got awesome dildos for me, but when it comes to pegging, we really only have one and the curve is a bit much for my husband to take sometimes. Browsing the dildo section I noticed that the dildo I've always wanted was out of stock in all three colors...who know the Tantus O2 Niagara was so darned popular? I was pretty disappointed, but wanted to place an order so settled on the vibrating Leo. I've had my eye on that dildo for awhile now, so will be awesome to try it out. The last toy I got is the Lelo Ella. I've wanted that dildo for so long. I love my glass dil, but it is too hard for my husband to use on me, so hoping this softer one will work better for partner play. Seems a little bit like it was meant to be that I had just enough commission to get those three items. If anyone clicked through my link or used my promo code (9v3) then I give you a huge and hearty THANK YOU!!! I haven't had such a good surprise since I got New Super Mario Bros Wii for $15 off Amazon!

That's about all I have to say really. Besides being a little bored with my life things are going great for me. My husband got a better job, my eldest daughter is graduating from her special needs preschool and will attend regular kindergarten next year (no special accommodations at all, so proud of her), a major home renovation project (restoring the hardwood floors) is done and looks great, the weather is beautiful, I am happy, nothing more to want really.

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