Friday, November 28, 2008

Hot headed in paradise

If you're involved in the online world of sex bloggers, or visit the forums at Eden Fantasys, then you are probably aware of a fairly recent small security leak.

I have chosen for the most part to stay out of this, and honestly I don't see, for the life of me, why so many people are so upset. The document that went public had some info about 60 bloggers on it. I won't go into all the details and type everything here, instead I'll just direct you to a letter from the owner, entitled Security.

The thing that gets me is that this was such a small scale leak, and it was only available to the public for 10 minutes. It was removed and deleted as soon as the breach was discovered, and while eden could delete all posts made about the topic, they have not. I have had information lost by extremely large businesses in the past (think one of the 3 largest banks in the nation) and I did receive a letter of notice a week after it happened...there never was an apology and it included all of my banking history with them, including my address and name, bank account numbers and social security number. Same thing when the government lost the information of my VA apology and two weeks for a letter of notice.

Are all of these sex bloggers as vulnerable as they think they are? How many followers does it take to be "popular?" I'm sorry, but anything under 1000 is a VERY small number of people, and the likely hood of any of them living anywhere close to you is very slim. People who tend to get stalkers are exposed to way more people than sex bloggers. I'm sorry, but I don't see why people with a handful of readers are so pissed about their addresses getting out. And yes, I do realize that I have a very very small number of visitors to my site.

I'm not saying that there is no chance of these people having stalkers, and the concern is's just been blown out of proportion. Very few people saw the document, and very few people even know who those 60 people are. I have not seen very much in ways of level headed judgment during this.

For example, eden states that an email concerning the issue will be sent out to those who were on the list. People then get pissed when they receive the email and it does not state directly "you were on the list." Why did eden send out the email in the first place? Probably because of all the super pissed people who were ranting in the eden forums...people who had read an email would be sent out to those who had been effected. After the uproar over the email not stating "you were on the list" eden staff replied saying once again, the email was sent out ONLY to those on the list, so if you didn't get one, you weren't on it. I thought it was pretty clear from the get why are people still pissed over this?

It was a mistake, no it shouldn't have happened, but it did. Everyone should be thankful it was on such a small scale and was dealt with so quickly. People are pissed because it wasn't handled "right." I'm beginning to think that nothing would have been good enough to satisfy the people who were outraged over it. Eden has apologized repeatedly, they deleted the document as soon as they found out it had happened, and they have been working around the clock to make sure it never happens again all the while trying to deal with all the heated and negative comments being left on the forum...what else could they possibly do? Are the bloggers who were on the list expecting monetary compensation in addition to the free toys they already received? Hell, my bank never even said "we're sorry this happened!"

The whole deal reminds me a lot of little kids on the playground fighting over who gets what toy. It starts out as "I'd like to play with that" and before long it has turned into screaming, hair pulling, biting, and shouts of "MINE!" I think this small leak has been blown WAY out of proportion. It happened, it was fixed, and steps are currently being taken to ensure it never happens again...ITS OVER!!! Why continue being mad? It is over with and eden has been much kinder than they had to (or should have).

Are people sitting back being silent observers? Perhaps many people just DON'T FREAKING CARE! I don't care about it, because there is nothing to care about. It is over with, and I can see absolutely no sense in beating a dead ain't gonna get up and start running again! (and no, I do NOT advocate hurting animals). I'm confused why people are still dragging this out. What's the point in staying pissed over it? Kinda like the whole deal concerning AAG, why were so many people so pissed over something that was honestly none of their freaking business? I don't feel that any of that should have been displayed out in front of the world, kinda like I feel the person who first discovered there was a security leak should have notified eden instead of spreading the link around asap.

I have had some communications with Fred before this whole thing happened, and due to a family tragedy (my husband trying to kill me) I did not respond (still meaning to email, just haven't done it yet). All I saw was that he cares a lot about his business (like anyone in his position would) and he seemed very courteous and level headed. I honestly think Eden has done a fantastic job in spite of all the crap from people in the community and sex bloggers who were involved.

Well, that's how I see this mess. I know lots of people disagree, but that's okay :) I just think it's time to let the smoke settle instead of continually stirring it up again...Please! I'd like some fresh air for a change. What about you? Tell me how you see it (post anonymously if you'd like, I don't care). Do you think it should be allowed to die out so we can all move on? Or do you enjoy the smoke?

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