Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Toys at Eden

Things I've been drooling over at EdenFantasys.

I really want this sexy duo in time for XMAS (even though I'll be going solo this year)

What I desire the most

I really need to get my hands on the Pure wand. I have been wanting this toy for so long, and after seeing my husband's Celtic I have been dying to get my own steel toy. Ah well, we can't always have everything we want.

I went to request a buyout assignment, and got the message that I can't request an assignment while I still have one waiting to be reviewed. Not sure what the deal is there, but I was a little bummed out about it...obviously though, other people are able to get buyout assignments while they have a free assignment out...just not me. Bleh. I'll wait a day or two then try again in case it is just a weird glitch. What I have coming for free review (just shipped, YAY!) is the Passion bullets dual. What I was wanting to get via buyout assignment is the Lockable sex toy case in black. Oh well. I have enough commission to get it too.

Speaking of commission, I posted my partner code 9v3 on a couple websites. I am not really expecting anything to come out of it, but I gotta say any little bit really helps. I don't have extra money to buy toys right now, so the only way for me to do so is when I get commission (IF I get commission that is).

As a final update, I did two reviews late last night (think 1:00 am). I reviewed the Sliquid sizzle like planned, but also wrote up a quick review of the Liquid silk as well. I really like the Sliquid Sizzle, but I am totally in love with the Liquid Silk. I should review Sliquid Silk which is Sliquid's hybrid soon too, since it in nearly identical in feel to the Liquid Silk. I still have so many toys to review... Perhaps I'll get to another one tonight.

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