Monday, July 14, 2008

What to do with all these toys?!

I got my shipment of toys...20 now what do I do?  I have used most of them, but only written reviews for 4 of them so far.  I must say that I do love VixSkin.  I didn't think I would, as I tend to be skeptical about everything.  I was blown away by this stuff though.  I got the Lone Star in beige (geez...I am soooo pale), and I love it.  It works very well for most things.  Only problem so far is that my harness is too small for it.  That damn chunky cock!  lol  Okay, I actually love that its chunky.  I wanted to get the Syd anyways, but EdenFantasys was sold out when I placed my order :(  It is back in stock now, so I'll have to see about getting it before long.  One final note on the Lone Star, I was able to take that sucker today.  Yay!  Score one for Bulma!  lol  My husband told me it would be impossible for him to take it up the butt.  Well now I know it is possible..I just have to wait for him to get up to that point.  I have to have the Outlaw now.  It is longer, it is thicker, and it to is VixSkin!  Cock Wrangler did a great review of the Goodfella here.  I have to have it now!  I actually really love that it is normal sized, and the balls look lovely too.  I know that it has to work very well for gender bending and cock sucking if Cock Wrangler likes it.  I know that is an opinion I can trust.

Sadly my order was messed up :(  I ordered the adult toy chest but received the XL sex toy case instead.  I need to send it back and get the correct one.  I emailed them, and printed out my free return label (so awesome that they do that).  Everything is going smooth, but heck it was Saturday night and I couldn't do anything with it so I set the paper on the bed and went off to do other things.  Let me just say for a second that my cat is a royal pain in the ass!  I went back into the bedroom later to box up the case, and guess what?  The cat had shredded the stupid return slip and the label!  (you ought to see Christmas time at my house lol all those glorious boxes, covered in all that yummy paper!)  My cat is crazy...seriously, why would a cat eat paper?  Anyhow, I was pissed and haven't bothered to print out new ones yet.  I considered just sending them anyway and writing a little note on the side "sorry, guess my cat was Hungry."  In high school I actually turned in a take home quiz that he had chewed the corner off of.  lol The teacher never said anything to me, thank goodness!

I am thinking that tonight is going to be a sexless night :(  We were up late last night, was freakin' late.  I do believe it was almost 5:00 am by the time we got to sleep.  We were testing more toys last night.  I wrote a review for the blindfold today.  I have had fun using that.  It was weird at first (seriously..I am bad at tying knots lol too bad I didn't know that before I actually ordered it)  Here is my review of it.  Shhh Satin Blindfold by Bijoux indiscrets.  We also tested out the jaguar wrist cuffs and the fluffy flogger.  Both are black and white, as that is my color for all things bdsm.  It is hella sexy too :D

It is late, that it is.  lol sorry!  Too much Rurouni Kenshin!  I so hate the way he talks; but it is rubbing off, that it is.  lol  Seriously, I am going to stop now, surely I am.

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