Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No...I'm not dead...just brain dead...

Geez, I have been busy.  Not the busy state where I'm actually doing important or impressive things...no, just the busy where I am swamped with everyday kind of crap.

I do have something that I am super excited about!  I finally got to order my Sinnflut!  I ordered it late last night (seriously, I do believe it was about midnight) and paid the extra $28 to have it shipped next day air.  Well it wasn't the only thing I ordered.  I will also be getting the Xtreme Pack G-spot Bullet, and the "Ooooh That's It!" G-spot stimulating gel.  I can't tell you how excited I am for tomorrow to FINALLY get here.

I really need a new bullet.  The bullet is a device that is essential to my sex life.  I almost always use one when having sex with my husband.  I don't always use it during, but a lot to kind of warm myself up before he gets into bed.  When I do use it during intercourse I like to kind of stuff it between us so it is smashed into my clit.  The bullet doesn't bring me to orgasm on it's own, but when I'm using it I am super aware of my husbands cock.  My muscles just seem to clamp down on him better and I can feel everything he does so much more than when I don't use a bullet.  Okay, by now you probably get the idea that my bullet is VERY important to me.  A few nights ago, (three actually) we were grinding away like we do every night.  The lamp was dimmed, the cat shut out of the room (he is such a pervert!) and the little bullet was humming away while my husband was tirelessly pumping my g-spot (I love the curve in his cock, don't know how I ever got off on a straight one (sorry to any guy reading this who has a straight cock and it offended))  Everything is going great and I feel another orgasm getting so close...then the bullet sputters for a split second then stops!  It just died!  I was very distracted, and I think it upset my husband a little that I actually started freaking out over a vibrator.  Needless to say I didn't get my second orgasm that night.

I actually did a review for the Golden Nugget, click here to read it.  I had so loved that little tacky golden egg.  It made my other bullets jump into the trash after I first used it.  If only I had known it was die after the first month of use.  I actually don't blame it considering how much I used this thing.  I am serious when I say that I actually wore the finish off this toy.  I figured I put it through the paces for more than 60 hours while I had it.

Next night, I pulled out my Ultimate Triple Stimulator, took out the bullet, and cast the jelly cock ring with attached dildo back into it's bag.  I stole the little jelly sleeve from the dead Golden Nugget and placed on the silver bullet I had in my greedy hand.  I was ready to go!  Half way through sex...I bet you can't guess!  It DIED!  I was more than frustrated by now, because this night I hadn't even had one orgasm yet.  I was so damn mad I am surprised I could finish at all.  I finally gave up on using anything on my clit and convinced my husband to fuck me with his fingers while he stimulated my nipples with his mouth.

This new bullet I ordered had better live up to all the hype I've read about it.  There are some reviews by people that I really respect, so I think I am pretty safe here.  Ohh, do I ever hope it is as strong as they say!  I want to order a Hitachi, but am concerned it may be too big to use during sex.  Actually, I am very certain it is too large to be used this way!  I can't wait to test out the new toys and write some new reviews.

Speaking of sex toys, we are supposed to pick some out tonight after my husband gets home from work.  There are so many things I want to get!  I am serious, my wish list is so full I almost need filters to find something specific!  Anyways, I have this great discount from EdenFantasys  for being a reviewer, and I want to use it to get some of the things I had been waiting to save up for.  We figured we have $500 to spend, and with this awesome discount I'll be able to buy more than that.  I must say I have been very impressed with that site so far.  Before I had ordered from Babeland, but was usually left disappointed by their selection.  I am soooooooo glad that I found eden.  I love the reviewing too, it has been a lot of fun so far.  The community has been great too.  If you want to order from there and are interested in a 15% discount, just email me  (bustybulma@gmail.com) and I'll give you my partner code to use during checkout.

While I am on the subject of EdenFantasys, let me say that I am working on getting my link up.  I am just so slow!  Anyways, I am hoping to have that up either tonight or tomorrow.  Their affiliate program is awesome!  Earn money for even more toys?  Sign me up!

Okay, I think I am about done now.  I find that when I start writing I don't want to stop.  Just look at the length of my blog posts so far, and you'll see what I mean.  I bet your eyes hurt from staring at this screen for this long already.

Seriously, I am going to spell check now, and just stop typing.  I am trying...it is soooo hard to stop!  Ha ha, just kidding.  Think I may be getting carpel tunnel from this post. :-P  Bye-bye!

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