Monday, July 28, 2008

Writing Reviews

So, here I sit, drawing a blank. I need to write a review today, but what do I pick? I've got a couple toys that I need to play with a little more to answer all my questions before I can write about them. I have some lubes that are beyond horrid, but I'm not sure I want to write about a lube today. I did three reviews yesterday, here is my profile. All my reviews are posted on there if you want to check them out. I did reviews for a beaded penis sleeve, a Hitachi attachment, and a bullet vibe. It may take a day or two for my rank to catch up with me, but that's okay.

I've been looking at the "Fluffy Flog Her" every time I am in my bedroom. We have used it a couple times, and I really love it. I'm not sure I feel like writing about it though. I might end up not doing a review today at all. What I do feel like doing is working on the house, but I doubt I'll do that either. There is still a lot of fixing to do on this place. We moved in back in November, and so far have only gotten the Kitchen and Dinning Room done. I suppose, that's life though.

I was asked to join a project at Eden, and it has been great so far. I am writing product descriptions and reviews on new toys. Of course I am not the only one doing this, as they get waaaaaaay too many toys for me to keep up with. I was so excited to open the box and see what was inside of it. I am pretty honored that they asked me to be a part of it. I'm hoping that means that my reviews don't totally suck :P

I have been doing some digging and learning about lubes. Some pretty scary stuff in those water based lubes. Thankfully I am not sensitive or prone to yeast infections, because I just don't seem to be able to get used to silicone lube. It leaves my skin feeling soft, and I really like that, just annoys me that it isn't as slippery as I like. Speaking of lube, my bottle of Maximus is getting low. I would like to try the Sliquid and the O' My brands, but my husband is pretty adamant that he loves Maximus. Saying the name of that lube always makes me want to watch the Gladiator :P What an awesome movie, and I don't even think Russell Crowe is hot (can't say the same for Joaquin Phoenix though;)) Maximus is an awesome lube. If you looked at my profile, you should have seen my review for it. Glycerin free!!! YAY! I I said, I am not prone to yeast infections (never gotten one in fact).

My children are watching the Princess Bride right now. Another hot actor in that. Cary Elwes is one of the few blond men that doesn't completely disgust me. Why do I have this horrid stigma with blond men? I am not sure why, but in general, blond hair turns me off. I don't think hot and sexy, I think little boy. Maybe its because my family is filled with dark haired men, or maybe its because many boys with blond hair grow up to have darker hair. Could be that the boyfriend that was abusive to me dyed his hair blond...only problem with that is that I was turned off by blonde's even before I met him. I don't know his name, but the guy that plays prince Humperdink (his name cracks me up every time) is pretty hot too. The "Spaniard" is hot too, sans costume and make up of course.

Okay, got some bad news. My husband didn't get his time sheet in on time, so he won't be getting paid this month. I don't know how well off other people are, but this means we won't be able to pay any of our bills. So many things have changed at his work since he first started. Thank goodness he has a second job, but it's too bad that it is a low paying job. He has been given good shifts then had them taken away to give to other people. He doesn't get bonuses, no pay increase even though the responsibly has more than tripled, gets wrote up if he is a minute or two late getting to work or returning from lunch. The eleven hour days really suck too. He told me that he is going to have to just walk out. He wants to give two weeks notice, but wouldn't have time to look for another job, and he needs to get hired on someplace as soon as possible.

I guess I won't be buying any toys for awhile. Being able to support his family is really important to my husband. I know this is hard on him, but there isn't much I can do to help. I guess I can comfort him, but it's not like I have a wad of cash hidden away. He has been wanting to switch back to doing sales, so maybe this is a blessing disguised as a curse. Maybe he can get into a Furniture Row job. Those average $42k first year, and they promote pretty fast. Only thing with that, is that we could be moving if he got into one of those stores. I guess I wouldn't mind moving, just all our family is here and we haven't been in this house for very long.

He will be coming home soon whether he quit his job or not, as he has a split shift today. I think I will go shave my legs, maybe that will make him feel a little better ;)

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Anonymous said...

so your husband works 2 jobs while u sit around on the internet all day buying sex toys? no wonder he's so pissed off and treat you like crap. your lazy!