Tuesday, August 5, 2008

5 years of marriage...already?

Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow will be 5 years. 5 years ago I was sitting at my sister's house trying to calm my nerves. Why was I so nervous that day? It all seems like "old hat" now. We are broke now, but we were even more broke back then. We had no honeymoon...seriously, I am not kidding. We had NO freakin' honeymoon! He took a week off from work and we kinda just chilled at our apartment. So, we promised each other that some day we would save up money and treat ourselves to a great vacation to make up for that dismal period after our marriage that is so great for people who can afford it.

Don't assume that tomorrow will be our dream honeymoon...it won't be. We are staying at a freakin' hotel over night. Granted the room costs more than our wedding did, but stop and consider that our wedding cost us about $100. lol yes it was as cheap as cheap could be. I bought my dress at Target for Pete's sake. We paid for the license and the JP, our families pitched in and provided the flowers and the reception (and the location which was the backyard of my sister's place). Our wedding was nice, small and private, but nice.

Tomorrow is mostly going to be about quiet and peacefulness without the children. I can't forget to mention the steamy hot jacuzzi sex! I have an odd feeling that after tomorrow is over, we will start saving up for a hot tub. Ha, my husband has really been looking forward to this. I have been looking forward to it also, just not "crazy" looking forward to it. He is the one that upgraded from a regular Jacuzzi King, to the Jacuzzi King lovers suite. I am not sure what the difference is yet besides a bigger tub.

It should be fun at least. I am looking forward to getting some time away from the girls. I love them, but it is good to get some "grown-up" time too. It is late, so I think I'll end this. Goodnight ;)

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