Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Alli diet pill

Yes, I am on the Alli diet pill. Does it work? I don't know honestly. Today is my 9th day so far, and I've lost 5 lbs (most likely all water weight). I don't need a diet pill to lose weight, so why did I buy it? My husband has this thing for sabotaging my weight loss efforts. When he gets in a funk, he buys fast food, then puts it in my face until I give in. I have lost the same damn 10 pounds at least 6 times during the past year. I am sooooo frickin' tired of it. These pills block 1/4 of the fat you eat, and it comes out the other end (eww). So, I know that if I cave and eat a high fat meal, I will be shitting oil uncontrollably into my pants. Needless to say, I haven't slipped up yet! I have went a step further and convinced my husband to take the pills with me. Remember me saying that he works delivering Pizza? Ha ha ha! After a day of fast food and pizza, he has really backed off of the junk ;) When he doesn't bring it home, I can't eat it, and we are all happier for it.

We have actually been doing really good on our diet. I haven't joined the online support group, not sure why besides I've been too lazy. I stay pretty involved with the Eden community and I try to blog on here occasionally, so I don't think I would probably have much time for another support group. For my support I just ask my husband periodically if he can tell I'm losing any weight. It usually ends with us going to the bedroom for an hour, after which I feel incredibly sexy. I don't bother asking extended family, because if I looked like a skeleton they wouldn't say anything. I don't get why that is, but my family doesn't handle compliments very well, giving or receiving.

It makes me feel nice when my oldest daughter tells me I'm pretty. She's only 3 1/2, but has more manners and kindness than most adults I've met. Other people don't tell me every little detail either. "Pretty hair, mommy. Wow mommy, pretty shirt. Pretty eyes, mommy. Pretty, big boobs mommy." lol Just a word of caution, do be careful what you say in front of children. I referred to my breasts as "boobs" once in front of her, and now she always calls them that. When we have potty time, she points out to me that she has "baby boobs" and I have "big mommy boobs." Needless to say, I am more careful about what comes out of my mouth in front of her.

This is off-topic, but I wanted to say that my Smart Balls were shipped today! Yay! I ordered them during the first part of June, and they have been sold out the entire time. I want the pink ones (to match my pink LAYAspot ;) ) and it was the only color to come in stock! I placed my order as soon as I received the alert saying they were back in stock (I do really love the alerts EdenFantasys has added to the site. Thank you Eden!). I got an email around noon saying that they had shipped. I am amazed at how fast their warehouse and shipping crew are. I am so excited to get my balls (he he, I love saying that!).

Still off-topic, but my Maximus is almost gone! I have to make another order soon, but I wish my husband would land another job before I spend any money. Our money reserve is running quite low, and I don't want to drain it. As far as the job hunting goes, he has had several promising jobs that he has applied for. He hasn't had an interview in a while though. Lots and lots of hours delivering pizza, and the tips have been good thankfully.

I think that is about all I have to say for now. Hopefully at some point I will get into a grove of blogging regularly and get a pattern down.


Beautiful Dreamer said...

I wish I had your willpower. I've been trying to loose weight for around a year. I was at 205, then 185, now 190. I just cave a lot. I'm a nursing student and I eat WAY too much junk when I'm stressed. I keep telling myself when I'm done with my Masters in three years, THEN I will loose the weight. Congrats on the progress!

BustyBulma said...

Thanks for the comment (my first one, yay!) I really think the Alli pills are helping me this time. Not because I am seeing better results, but because I know something bad will happen if I binge. lol

Thanks for the words of encouragement, and best of luck to you on your weight loss as well!