Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No longer jobless!

YAY!! Hubby got a phone call this morning, and now he has a job! This was the job selling furniture that he was sure he would get because the interviewer seemed so impressed with him. They had chosen another applicant over hubby though. This morning the guy said that the other applicant didn't work out, and if hubby was still interested in the job. Okay, crappy thing is that this means we have to go clothes shopping for him. This is a tie wearing job, whereas all of his past jobs have been casual office wear. Thank goodness a sport coat isn't required. I just order the SaSi last night, we don't have money for a sport coat now. lol More on that later ;)

Oh, the feeling of security that comes with knowing we may not end up homeless after all :) We don't know when his first day will be yet. After the criminal check comes back then we'll find out I guess. Considering hubby has never been arrested and has only had a couple traffic violations (speeding and a turning into the far lane during at a corner), he's not worried at all.

I am very excited that he got a job finally. Our income has been super pitiful, and although this is a low paying job, it is still twice what he made before. Hubby has decided that what he would like to get into is real estate. He loves to sell, and he likes looking at houses, so he figured the perfect fit would be a Realtor. The plan so far, is that we will pay off all our debt (including the car) we will save up enough money to live on for about 6 months, then he will go through the course and get certified. There are enough real estate agencies in the area he should be able to get on at one of them. The plan is that he wouldn't quit his job (even though he has a thing for doing that :( ) until after he gets hired on someplace.

We worked with two Realtors when we were looking for a house, and honestly they both sucked. The guy that was voted Realtor of the year in the state couldn't even listen to what kind of house we wanted. We told him our price range (according to our pre-approval at the bank) and how many bedrooms and square footage we had to have in a house. We also told him some of our wants. Think he ever showed us a house that was in our price range, or had enough bedrooms? Think he ever even showed us a house HE found for us? Nope. We were doing the digging, we were checking on houses coming onto the market. We missed out on at least five houses that were exactly what we were looking for, just because he wasn't doing his job. Is it too hard really to sit down with people and actually LISTEN to what they say? Anyways, we had other problems with him too, so we moved onto a different realtor (who honestly wasn't much better) and we ended up settling on the place we are in now.

The goal with this house is to update it and then sell it later (hopefully for a profit, even if it's small). We bought this house with a good amount of work needing done. The list is huge, but basically every room in the house needs remodeled, besides the kitchen and we are done with that. Unless of course we come into a lot of money or end up here for a very long time. In which case we would add on to the kitchen at least 5 or 6 feet, which would double the size (see how small our kitchen is?). The windows all need replaced (the house was built in 1949 and is showing it's age), needs new siding, new side walks, new water heater and furnace (were planning on going with Rinnai when we finally do), plus the wiring should be updated. The new windows will include egress in the basement. Not to mention our landscaping is the worst on the block (maybe street even). The people that lived here before us really did not upkeep the house or lot, and it shows. Anyways, I kinda got off track there.

So things are on the up and up. This means that hopefully I'll be able to get some of those toys I've been eyeing. Of course we'll need to pay off the credit debt we've racked up while trying to live off of a pizza delivery salary. There are so many awesome toys that I'm really pinning for. I did get an email saying my order shipped. The purple and the pink SaSi's are out of stock now, leaving the black. I ordered the purple, because it is so freakin' sexy looking! A toy that I really have my eye on is the Mia by LELO. Just something sexy about it, plus I'm thinking it would be uber powerful and so discreet too.

Last night I ordered 4 things. The SaSi in purple, the Celtic by Gear Essentials, the original Rabbit Pearl, and a bottle of Liquid Silk. My husband is really excited about this order. He usually likes looking through the toys and helping me play with them or course, but he usually doesn't get excited BEFORE the order gets here. After we tried a metal cock ring the first time, he decided he loved metal. He has this weird thing were he thinks his cock is too small, so it made him feel really great that he takes a 2 inch cock ring. lol I don't know how many times I've told him that as far as size, he is smack in the middle of average. I don't know about everyone else, but in my reviews I am completely honest about my husband's girth. I think it is important when buying a cock ring to know what size it will fit. Some guys are huge and think they are average. If I bought a stretchy ring that was too lose for a guy that has a 1 3/4 inch girth, how would that fit my man who is 1 1/2 inch? There are a couple other reviews that list their, partner's girth when reviewing cock rings. For the handful that I am talking about, thank you very much. It is very helpful to shoppers.

I think many people are intimidated by metal cock rings. I mean, who hasn't heard a horror story about a man getting one stuck and making a trip to the ER? I have a cousin who tried using a silver napkin holder (a wedding present) on their honeymoon. Guess what? It got stuck and he had to take a trip to the ER in the middle of the night to get it cut off. I do feel that a lot of people are missing out on a really amazing sexual accessory because of these kinds of things happening. All it takes is some careful measuring to determine the correct size. Gear Essentials' website has some useful sizing info. If you go look at it, take a peek at their ball weights. They have one on there that is 36 ounces! Speaking of weight, the Celtic ring I ordered, comes in at a heft 1 pound. I just hope my husband doesn't drop it on his foot and break a toe ;)

I mentioned this in my review of a set of metal O-rings recently, but my husband prefers the feel of metal over stretchy rings. He has an enlarged dorsal vein by the base of his penis, and while it doesn't bother him most of time, thin or too tight of cock rings really irritate it. He found that the metal ring fit well, but it didn't squeeze him like the jelly type ones do, thus not putting the stress of his vein. Plus, I have to admit, the metal just looks better adorning a cock than a stinky little pink bunny :P

I usually don't buy Jelly toys, but I bought the Rabbit Pearl. Dame Demi swears by it's power, so I ordered it. I am a sucker for power, I own a Hitachi after all ;) I will need to stock up on condoms before it comes. A box usually lasts us about two weeks as we only use them for anal sex. I am not sure what to do about the clit attachment though. Should I use a latex glove or a finger cot? I need to stock up on gloves anyways, I may just try using them for awhile. I am little worried it will get in the way of the little fluttery ears, but I don't think I want to soak up any more Phthalates than I did before I knew what they were.

The Liquid Silk ought to be good. I have wanted to try it for awhile now. I have (and love) Maximus, and they are made by the same company. I need more Maximus, as we only have about an inch left in the bottom of the bottle. I use that stuff nearly ever time I have sex. I've found that I prefer it for intercourse of all the lubes I have. I like silicone for genital massage (my hubby likes it for his solo time too, not that he gets much solo time as I am always horny), I use the System Jo H2O Flavored for oral, but otherwise Maximus is the stuff we both love. I really like the look of Liquid Silk. It is milky looking, more like a woman's real lubrication. From the reviews I have read of it, it sounds like it feels and functions like the real thing too.

There is no doubt that I am most excited about the SaSi though :) It is such an awesome looking toy. EdenFantasys says my shipment will get here Friday, but I always get my packages a day before they say I will. Boy, am I looking forward to Thursday! I had seen a video demo of the SaSi about 3-4 weeks ago, and fell in love with it instantly. I don't think I have ordered from a store besides Eden since I discovered it existed, so I put off buying it. There is an awesome awesome product that Tantus sells that Jimbo Jones pointed out to me (thank you so much Jimbo!!), that I really want to order but hadn't got around to it yet. Dame Demi also suggested a bullet to me that I need to get, but haven't placed the order yet.

Hubby did get the computer fixed. He ended up having to buy a new network card, but at least it is fixed now. He still has to grab our files from the old hard drive, but is scanning it for more viruses and spy ware. I would like to be able to play the Sims 2 sometime, but that is really a low priority. My brother loaned me Bioshock, and I still need to work through it. I am not sure how far into the game I am. Just got into the area after the escape pod thing gets destroyed. I had rented it when it came out, but had to return it before I beat it. So it has been a while since I played it, so I don't remember everything that happened.

Just as a quick side note, I am down to size 10 jeans! I started out wearing size 18 and they were pretty tight. So a size 10 feels amazing! My goal is to get down to a size 8, but I am thinking I may get smaller than that even. I was a size 6 when I was 17, but I realize my body has changed since then from the havoc babies do to a woman's body. I have to say that I love the results I get from my Pilate's dvd, even though I feel kinda cheesy doing it. The one woman in the dvd really needs to wear different work out clothes. If I want to see pussy lips, I'll look at porn. I don't want to see that when I'm trying to work out. The only problem with the Pilate's is that I can't get my husband to do it with me, and we are both supposed to be trying to lose weight. I saw an infomercial for a 10 minute workout by Tony Horton (he has the Slim in 6, and the P90X programs). I am thinking that I might be able to get my husband to do those with me. We have all the P90X stuff, but the ceiling fan kinda gets in the way and there isn't any place to put the chin up bar. Plus it takes 60-90 minutes for the workouts, and that is kinda hard to get through every day. I do see his belly doesn't protrude as far now. He looks 5 months pregnant instead of 7 ;) He is under the impression that it bothers me. I think he forgets that he is the same weight that he was when we met. He was skinny for our wedding, though it didn't last due to job change.

I still have 3 pounds until I am back down to 200 lbs. Seems like things go up and down so much, but at least I know I am getting smaller based off of my jean size. When I am under 200 I will be rewarding myself with new bras. I watched a stupid court show late last night while hubby was working on the computer. Anyway the woman listed a $90 bra among possessions lost that she wanted replaced. The judge said that she didn't care if it was a water bra, that there was no way it could cost $90. My thought was that obviously this judge hasn't shopped for bras in a very long time, or if she has then it was at Wal-Mart. I am an odd size though, and have to buy online as I don't live near any stores that sell more unusual sizes. There is a victoria secret here, but honestly their bras don't come in large enough cup sizes for me and the quality isn't what you could get out of a Fraya bra. I shop at FigLeaves online. It is the best site I've found that sells 32 FF (that's UK sizes, the US equivalent is 32 H). See why I am have "busty" in my name. It is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Sure large breasts are nice looking, but damn do they get heavy. I was a 32 DD (US size) before I had children. I used to wear a 32 H (UK size) before I started losing weight. I am hoping that once I reach my goal of 150 lbs that I will have gone down a couple more cup sizes. My husband is horrified that I want to get a reduction and lift after we are done having children. I told him that he isn't the one who has to carry them all day long. Maybe I'll get a tummy tuck while I'm at it...


Beautiful Dreamer said...

Congrats on the size 10!
I actually avoid a scale, simply because it's not always the best indicator. I got in my size 14's the other day and was over the moon.

Don't tell me boobs get bigger! That's one more reason to adopt! I'm a 36D/DD and it kills me now. I can't imagine bigger!!

I can't wait to see your review on Sasi!

BustyBulma said...

Thank you! And congrats to you as well on the 14's! I like seeing the number on the scale get smaller as time goes by, but my weight fluctuates so badly that I don't pay much attention to it anymore. Getting into a smaller pair of jeans is definitely a great feeling!

Ha ha, yes they get bigger ;) Not everyone is the same of course, but it seems like a cup size gain is pretty normal amongst the women I know. I had this weird idea that size gained from having a baby would go away...talk about a disappointment when it didn't!

I am sooo anxious for tomorrow to get here so I can finally hold the SaSi in my hands :D I will probably review it the same day I get it. I don't do that with toys very often, but I am pretty excited over this toy! I thought I was super excited for the Sinnflut, but this trumps in the excitement factor :)

Thanks for comments!

Anonymous said...

SO you bought he sassi a 200 sex toy when neither of you and your husband had a job and you risked being homeless. your poor kids.

Anonymous said...

you weigh 200 lbs and are a size 10? think again honey you'd be like a size 18.