Thursday, August 28, 2008

Anxiously waiting for the mail man.

The mail should be here in a couple hours. Even knowing the mail never comes this early, I am still looking out the window every 5 minutes. I know Eden put the expected delivery date as tomorrow, but I always get packages a day early. I checked the tracking on the package and it showed in left it's last stop yesterday morning, and that city is about 200 miles from here. I am pretty sure it will come today, and I am having a hard time remaining calm.

I ordered a group of lubes on Tuesday. Oddly enough they still haven't shipped out yet. I should have selected the USPS priority shipping instead of the DHL 2nd day. I was hoping I'd get the package in time for the weekend (like the freakin' guarantee claims) but the expected arrival date isn't until next Tuesday. Thank goodness I added some lube to the SaSi order. This does mean though that I will have to use my Maximus sparingly until next week :( I'll write a follow up for it after I've tried my other lubes and once the bottle is completely empty.

On a different note, I am sore from yesterday. It really didn't hit me until noon rolled around. Yesterday's workout was pretty intense, but I was only able to get through half of the Plyometrics (jump training) this morning. The workout was 60 minutes long, so I still got in about 35 minutes of intense exercise. I thought I'd better slow down before my heart burst. From yesterday I am avoiding lifting my arms above my head very often, and from today's workout I am avoiding the stairs. lol Pretty soon I'll be able to do nothing but type or crochet.

I actually haven't mentioned before that I crochet and knit. It seems to be good for keeping my hand busy (so they can't stuff my face) and helps me relax. I have made more than one afghan out of anger, ha! I have been pretty down these past few months with all the stress and just being kinda blue in general. I had gotten away from my crafty hobbies after finishing my last afghan when the weather started to turn warmer. It has been cooling down enough this past week that I can actually stand to work on a blanket again. I had wanted to try this pattern for awhile since it was on the skein of yarn I'd gotten for the previous project. This one is supposed to be "intermediate" level, but the only thing sort of challenging about it is the crappy instructions. I had to experiment on my own to get the stitches to look like the ones in the picture. I've got the hang of it now though, and since the pattern just repeats the same 12 rows, I no longer need to work from the pattern. I will refer back to it once I am on the last row, just in case.

I was really hoping the mail man would come while I was typing this up, but he still isn't even on the block yet :( Bleh...I need to find something to do to pass the time. Too bad since the new hard drive got installed I will need to install all the Sims 2 on it. Hubby did save my save files though, so that will be nice. It just takes so freakin' long to install all the expansions and the stuff packs. I am not that zealous about getting them put on even. Hubby can't get the sound card to work, so we will probably have to end up buying a new one of those too :( For some stupid reason he can't get the drivers to load. I never noticed the sound so much, but not having any sound on the computer really blows. I was going to watch a video review for the Tales of Vesperia video game, but it's pretty impossible without being able to hear what the guy is saying. I could have always read the written review, but I was lazy and decided against it. Hubby said he saw a video card at evil-mart (yes, I hate wal mart and its always busy, always crowed aisles and checkout lanes that take over 30 minutes to get through). He said it was about $25. I would rant about how much I hate how crowded wal-mart is, but I'll leave that for a time when I'm really pissed because I've just been there and got ran over by a cart driven by a grandma. It's been about 3 weeks since I've been there. When we went shopping for school clothes for the "big girl" we went to Target, Kmart, and ShopKo but not to walmart. We got her a whole new wardrobe (including hair items and 3 pairs of shoes) for about $200. There were several shirts that were on clearance for between $3 and $5. Anyways, I really got off track there!

I see the mail man just drove up and parked on the block. If the SaSi order came, then I'll probably post that I got it later. Otherwise, I'll just post tomorrow.

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BustyBulma said...

It came! Funny thing is that I don't know when it came as it was dropped at the back door and I was checking the front door. lol Anyways I have it now, have tested the SaSi once (worked pretty good in my opinion) and I'm hoping to get a review out tonight after I "test" it some more. I want to write more about it, but I am trying to hold back until I write the review. Yay! I'm so excited and giddy it's embarrassing!