Monday, August 25, 2008 not the condom, the virus :(

Okay, my reviewing plans were really screwed up Saturday. I'm sure by the title of this post that you've already figured out why. Well here's the story behind it all.

A friend came over Saturday around noon. Hubby worked a closing shift that day, so since he was home we used him for babysitting. My friend and I went to the store and bought picnic stuff (pre-made of course) and we drove to a near by trail and went for a walk. After our picnic we walked back to the car and drove back to my house. While we were gone, my husband (who took a year in college for computer tech classes) had downloaded a virus filled program onto our computer. He knows about computers, so should be able to fix it right? Well he didn't have enough time before work to get it done.

While he was at work I mess with it some. The deal is that the viruses were causing explorer to crash. Not the internet browser, but Windows Explorer, the program that allows you to do anything on your computer (without it all you would see is a blue screen, I know, I've seen it :( ). Anyways, do you have any idea how frustrating it is to try and race through the start menu to the anti-virus software before the menus crash and refresh? I gotta say 5 seconds isn't enough time to dig through menus. I tried booting in safe mode, and the problem still persisted. Anyways I finally was able to get to AVG (yes we're cheap and use a free anti-virus) although I don't know how I got to it in time. I loaded it, updated, then switched the modem off so nothing would be able to be reported back out and nothing new could come in. I found out that the screen saver would freeze the computer up and cause the "blue screen of death," so I was stuck in front of the computer wiggling the mouse every 5 minutes. It wouldn't have been so bad that the stupid scan took over an hour and a half.

When the scan was finished, I must say, I was pretty horrified to see what had been on the computer. There were 5 Trojan viruses! Plus the downloader of course. So since that was done, I ran Ad Aware. It came back with over 20 spyware, plus 2 more Trojans! This didn't fix the problem, but the computer did run faster between refreshes. I looked, and alas our restore points had been wiped :( When my husband got home from work he was able to download a different anti-virus on his laptop and use it to scan the desktop. It picked up 15 more viruses!

I was so pissed that he had downloaded a program off the internet like that. It was a questionable site, for a pirated program. Being computer savvy, he should have known better! Besides which, our hard drive only has 80 gig, and we didn't have the space! Piracy issues aside, he screwed up our computer! Anyways, he ended up buying a new hard drive and XP, and has been trying to install new. We don't have the cash for an all new computer or that's what we would do. My hubby built the desktop over 4 years ago, so it is getting really sluggish. It was a beast back then, but now it's lucky if it can even purr. Anyways, he has promised not to download anymore pirated stuff.

I guess at least we will have more space once this is done. The drive he put in is 500 gig, and after a total wipe we plan to use the old 80 gig for storage (maybe the Sims 2). Anyways, I am typing this on his laptop as he doesn't have the PC fixed yet. The OS is loaded, he is just having trouble with the network card. He needs the drivers, but can't get to the internet to do it with the pc. When he tries to transfer files for some reason they won't go. He needs to find someway to get the drivers for the card to work so he can get to the internet and do windows update. What a long drawn out, craptastic ordeal.

In the mean-time, I am stuck using this broken old piece of crap laptop. It was built for power, so it runs hot. Has a regular processor not a laptop processor, and it gets freakin' hot. Also the screen is busted so I have to use our pc monitor. I really hate laptop keyboards. This holds nothin' to the logitech wireless set that I am used to.

I did finally get my review for the LAYAspot up today. I really hated typing it up on this keyboard. Sorry everyone if there are mistakes and such. I went back over it, and corrected a lot of words that had gotten run together thanks to me having issues with the stupid space bar. I had wanted a laptop, but I'm thinking I don't really want one anymore. lol Anyways, I'm not sure how many reviews I'll be doing while the computer in is a funk.

Off topic, Eden added the SaSi! Seriously, I was under the impression it was a BabeLand exclusive...maybe it was a timed exclusive? Anyways, I want one. I really really want one. I don't particularly enjoy finger massage, but that's because my fingers get tired fast and I don't seem to be able to keep a very good rhythm. I think the SaSi would solve that problem. Plus it just looks freakin' awesome!!! Anyways, my hands are cramping from this keyboard. Hopefully I'll post again once the computer is fixed.

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Beautiful Dreamer said...

You bought it already!! Go Bulma!!! :)