Friday, August 29, 2008

The ramblings continue, forever on and on...

Egads! Am I ever sore! These workouts are definitely hard core. I did lose 1.5 lbs from yesterday to today though, so it seems to be paying off. It probably isn't so honorable of me, but I was pleased with myself that I out-performed my husband during the Ab Ripper X workout. I am very very sore today, and I am really looking forward to the Yoga X tomorrow. At least that will be mostly stretching and flexibility (do I ever need to work on my flexibility!!). Today's workout was the Shoulders and Arms, and it was just curls and weight training. The Plyometrics workout was more difficult than this one was. My legs are still sore from all those "jump squats" yesterday.

I got my review of SaSi up! I actually found it to be kinda difficult to write. There is just so much to say about the SaSi! Plus I wrote it late at night, and was a little worried my brain was fried from being tired. It seems to have turned out okay though. No "wow what a crappy review" comments as of yet ;) Actually, the people in the review community on Eden all are quite tactful and nice.

I find myself wondering about the affiliate program. Of all the coupons I have given out, nobody has used my partner code to make a purchase yet! I was pretty surprised actually because a couple people seemed really excited about the 15% discount. The only one who uses my partner code seems to be me, sad as that is. Oh well, at least I'm getting the 15% discount. I've wondered if people have an aversion to using it because of the other person getting a 5% commission. I would think that since they were saving 15% they wouldn't care at all if the other person was making 5% off of the sale. Maybe I just need to make more friends ;)

If you do a search in Google for edenfantasy coupons, you will most likely find tons of people's partner codes. I don't advertise mine this way, although maybe I should think about it. My husband thinks I should be able to use my own partner code, but I don't understand why not. During the order process it does say "Enter your Coupon or Partner Code." Besides, I review every single product I buy from them. The commission I make, will just go back into buying another toy once I get enough to redeem.

Anyways, I am starting to zone out really bad. Guess that means it's time to do something else. Maybe I'll go soak my sore body in the tub for a couple hours until I turn into a prune ;)


BustyBulma said...

I just wanted to add really quick, that if anyone is interested in using my partner code to get 15% off their purchases at it is 9v3

Feel free to use it and pass it around, after all, who doesn't like getting a discount? I know I do :)

Beautiful Dreamer said...

I use my own partner coupon when I check out....... :)
It all eventually gets back to Eden anyways.

BustyBulma said...

Ha, so I'm not the only one! :)