Monday, September 8, 2008

Calling in sick

Yes, I have been sick. My hubby was so nice as to bring home germs to me, and I've spent the past couple days with a lovely head cold. I haven't been on the Internet much lately because of it. I doubt I'll even get on the computer today besides to write this.

Hubby stayed home from work yesterday to help take care of the girls so I could rest. Yesterday was pizza delivering, NOT working selling furniture. If he would have worked at his new job yesterday, it wouldn't matter if I was dying, he wouldn't have stayed home with me.

My oldest daughter ought to be getting home from preschool soon. The school was supposed to be good for her, it was supposed to help her get past her speaking difficulties. The only thing she has learned from school so far is to give up in the face of moderate difficulty. I hate hearing the words "I can't mommy" coming from her mouth. She never said "I can't" before she went to preschool. She used to ask for help, or tell me that something was frustrating, but she never just flat out gave up. I must say that I haven't been that impressed at her "learning" anything from school. Her speech improved more over the summer break than it had while she was in school. The only reason I still have her going is because she enjoys it so much and she is learning social behavior and how to make friends and get along with other children her own age.

It is frustrating to have a child who is behind in something. My daughter doesn't have anything serious, just slow speech development. She is smart (of course every parent says that of their children) but she has a lot of trouble forming words. Some letters are impossible for her to form at this point, no matter how hard she tries she just can't do it yet. She has gotten to the point other people can understand her sometimes, as opposed to others not being able to understand anything she says. It is hard for me to not help her when she is struggling with words. There is a fine line between helping and enabling. If I were to do everything for her, then she would never learn. It is difficult to not be able to fix this for her. Encouraging her and giving her the opportunities to practice is all that I can do for her.

My head hurts too bad, think I'm done on the computer for the day.


Anonymous said...

Hey, This is Josh Greathouse from Eden. I just read this and just wanted to say you are doing the right thing. I promise you that! I grew up with a bad, I mean BAD learning disability. I had problems reading (like I couldn't read) writing and speaking. I still do, I mix up words or names sometimes.
But I went to public school and they put me in the "special" ed classes (which I hated to name cause I didn't feel special and just wanted to be normal.) I would go to a shack which was hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Well they didn't teach me to read, they thought me to jump over words I didn't know and replace them with words I knew... So lets say it said, "Johnny ran to the park." I would say, "Johnny swim to the store." Well, yeah. Not at all the same.
Luckily, they found a private school for me in middle school which they buckle down and thought me how to read. I did not want to go but they said I could go to the high school I wanted to go to.
They said I wouldn't graduate from high school, now I'm in art college :) Go Me! So just be there for her and help her but don't do it all for her. I mean, my poor mother had to watch me cry night after night asking her why I couldn't read. So just be a good mom and things will work out.

BustyBulma said...

Thanks for the comment (and welcome to my blog :) It is good to know that things will work out eventually, and definitely way to go for you!

I have seen my daughter gain some self confidence that I think will help her become more expressive, or at least I'm hoping. She has been going to speech therapy as well as the pre-school for children with learning disabilities.

Your words are very encouraging, and I thank you for them :)