Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lazy Saturday

It is a Saturday, and I'm really feeling it. The girls have been cranky, I've been tired, and hubby has been at work all day. I've been drinking cup after cup of coffee all day. I can't say that it helps me to not be so tired, but it does taste good. One must consider though that I use Irish Cream in my coffee, so of course it tastes good ;) I may as well just drink the Baily's straight though and save the coffee.

I have been seeing so many P90X commercials on T.V. lately. This morning after hubby and I finished our workout, I switched the T.V. over to the local channels, and there was an infomercial for the workout we just got done doing! I changed the channel and there was another one!

I am really feeling like this is a knitting and crocheting time of year. It is so cold and rainy out when only a couple weeks ago it was bone-dry and hot. My little nephew will be turning 2 in a couple months, and I have been searching online for a good cardigan pattern. I think I finally found one. I found some fun looking ones that I can make for my girls too. At least making things for little kids is a lot faster than making adult sized projects. I have been crocheting lately, and am looking forward to doing a knitting project. I think I'll have hubby stop by the store on the way home and pick up enough yarn for one cardigan pattern I found for my oldest daughter. I will probably do two if the first one turns out good. Pink or red for the nearly 4 year old, and purple or soft blue for the 2 year old. The colors all depend on what Wal-Mart has, as Michael's is too expensive and all the fricken' way across town, and the other craft stores don't stay open this late.

While looking at patterns and yarns, I came across glow in the dark yarn by bernat. Okay, I must say I was pretty surprised, and I am going to just HAVE to make slippers for my girls out of this stuff. I know my nearly 4-year-old, would think it was super cool.

Enough about yarn and crafts before I feel like I should be sitting in a rocking chair with a cat on my lap. I am a member of Netflix, and honestly I am very excited for when I will be able to watch the "instant viewing" movies on the T.V. via Xbox 360. For some stupid reason the computer is playing videos in black and white, and really dark as well. Flash video works fine though. I downloaded the newest episodes of Bleach, and when I went to watch one was pretty pissed that I could barely see it. I'll have to have hubby take a look at it tonight, as I've been far to lazy feeling today to want to fix anything. I have a couple movies from Netflix that I still need to watch, namely Ed Wood (Johnny Depp is an awesome actor in my book, and mighty nice to look at as well;) and Schindler's List which I've been wanting to watch for a couple years now. My favorite movie of all time is the Shawshank Redemption, and several people that liked that told me that I would love Schindler's List. I had watched Castle in the Sky and Princess Mononoke recently, and just sent them back today in fact.

I've been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, and have been finding it quite amusing. I didn't remember them being so corny from my childhood, so it is a good fun show to watch. My father has most of the original Star Trek on VHS, and I really like watching them as well. It is always funny to me how Spock can get the crap beat out of him and his clothes are just fine. Kirk gets slapped in the face and his shirt tears off. lol It is actually a very provocative show for being made during the 60's, as it seems like William Shatner manages to get naked a lot during the series, not to mention he makes out with virtually every female character on the show. To say the least, it has been fun watching the Next Generation and realizing that those actors really were that young once upon a time. I just returned the 2nd disc of the first season, and am looking forward to the 3rd one coming. It is a show that I can crochet or knit while I watch it.

Hubby watched the video review of Tales of Vesperia with me yesterday. It convinced him we should get that game. I've been wanting another Tales game for awhile, as I really enjoyed Tales of Symphonia for the Game Cube (also playable on the Wii :) I was a little concerned though that the video review didn't say if a human player could control any of the party members during battle though. That was a big draw for us with the Tales of Symphonia game, as it made it fun to be able to play it together.

I loaned Blue Dragon to my brother. It seemed okay at first, but, bleh does it ever get slow quickly. I was really hoping for something better from the man who created Final Fantasy. I have been reluctant to play Lost Odyssey because of how slow and repetitive Blue Dragon felt to me. I hear it is good though, so I will try it eventually. I am really waiting for Fable II and Fallout 3 this fall, so I need to have some money on hand in October. Both of those games look awesome, and I am really excited for them. Heck, I still play Oblivion some and I've clocked in over 400 hours of game play on that (not the same character though). The only thing that hasn't been collecting dust lately has been the 360. My PSP is more than likely dead from not playing it for so long. I should actually plug it in to charge it as I still have a couple games for it that I didn't finish :( My DS is probably in the same boat. Isn't it sad that I had to buy an ugly pink DS just so my husband wouldn't take it to work with him? lol When my oldest daughter gets old enough to play video games I'll probably give it to her, she would love to play Nintendogs :) I don't think the Wii or PS2 have been turned on in the past 2 months even. I don't own a PS3 yet, as there honestly aren't any games for it that I want. Final Fantasy 13 MIGHT have been worth looking into one for, but now it is coming out for the Xbox 360 as well, so what's the point? All the best shooters and RPG's are coming to the 360, and I'm quickly seeing the only reason to buy a PS3 for is a Blu-ray player.

I think I am almost done typing. Just one last little thing. My hubby is really enjoying his job. He is pretty much done with training and will be on commission next week. I was hoping he would get a really good discount, but he only gets 10% off. That will still help though as we buy more furniture for our house. I want to get captain beds for both of the girls. They are still in toddler sized beds that we converted their cribs into. Those beds will only be safe to age 5 or 50 pounds. I really love the idea of captain beds. Those are the kinds of beds that have built in drawers under the mattress, they are also known as "mate's beds" "trunk beds" "drawer beds" and probably lots of other names as well. The bedrooms are fairly small in this house and there isn't a whole lot of room for bedroom furniture, so that would solve some of the issue at least. Hubby has decided what kind of sectional he wants for the basement when we get around to remodeling it. He thinks I would love the Shiatsu style massage reclining theater seating. He is probably right too, it does sound like something most people would love.

Anyways, it is getting late, and these little girls are getting cranky enough they may have to go to bed early. Besides, my hands hurt from all this typing...

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