Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I finally did another review!

It has been a little while, but I finally got another review cranked out. This was my first time actually including links in my review, and it looks like it turned out okay from the page that shows it has been submitted.

I keep thinking I should be writing more reviews. I used to do 1-3 everyday there for a few weeks. I still have 17 toys I could review, but just have been too lazy to actually sit down and write them. It doesn't help that I know my reviews don't count towards my rank at all. It isn't the main point, but it still kinda bums me out a little.

I have been wanting to place an order to eden for a little while. I really want to find a cooling lube that actually works. I have my eye on one by Kama Sutra, and hope to order it in a few days. I have high hopes for it, since Kama Sutra seems like a pretty good brand. Maybe I'll just end up being disappointed, but heck, it's worth a shot.

I don't have much to say really. I got the first two discs of the Sporanos season 3, and I am itching to watch it. Maybe the girls will go to bed a little early tonight. Anyways, my brain is fried right now, and I will just start rambling.

My review should be up before too long, eden is pretty quick about it most of the time. The toy I reviewed was the Slim by Tantus.

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Beautiful Dreamer said...

Can't wait to see then new review. Is it part of the descriptions project? I couldn't find it on the site. The closest thing I found was the Compact by tantus.

I can relate to the putting off reviews. I have 11 waiting. And we're placing a huge order with this 30% off. Mostly my early birthday presents. So that will add to the list.

Cooling gel? Mmmm. I have a warming gel I like, I've always been a little nervous about cooling gels. Can't wait to see what you have to say. I also know they did an arousal product type thing with 5 lubes and 5 bloggers. I'm anxiously awaiting to see what came of that. Have a good evening.