Saturday, September 13, 2008

New toys always make me smile :D

The Fleshlight did come! It was fun to play with, though I must say hubby's reaction was a little disappointing at first. I got it all cleaned up and ready for when he got home, so he wouldn't have to mess with it. I was right in guessing that he would want me to use it on him.

I am a little confused as to what exactly he was expecting from it. He spent a lot of time complaining that it wasn't tight enough. I finally had to tell him to stop bitching about it and just relax. He followed my advice and closed his eyes and tried to relax, instead of critiquing how I held the monstrously huge fleshlight. Not surprisingly, he reported that it felt much better when he closed his eyes and just enjoyed the sensations. He has wanted to include it into our lovemaking a couple times since that first run. The favorite use so far is to fold a pillow around it and he can lay on it and use it while he goes down on me. That use alone is worth having one. He likes it enough that he is interested in getting a different sleeve that is either tighter or has some ridges. The "original" sleeve was not as stimulating as either of us had hoped for, so we'll be buying a couple different ones to find a better fit for him. Fleshlight does some sales where it's buy two sleeves get a third one free, so I will most likely order from them next time instead of EdenFantasys. I would like to get a couple for him, so he has some variety.

We are still doing some product "research" so it will be a day or two until I get the review out. I always feel a little strange reviewing male specific toys, because of course I am not a man. It is a longer process than if it's just a toy for my use only. My hubby isn't much for writing, and has trouble articulating feelings and sensations to me. It is usually kind of like an interview, and occasionally it turns into an interrogation and we have to get out the flogger, but that's a whole other story ;) I can't just ask him to describe it to me I have to ask "does it feel more like *whatever* or does it feel like *whatever, whatever* ?" After about 20 "no's" he'll say, "maybe more like the first thing you said, and some of that last thing." Weirdly enough, as I was using it on him, he kept asking me if I liked it. I finally just started saying that it was sooo sexy and I loved using it on him every minute or so. I am guessing that's what he was looking for, given the look of utter egotistical satisfaction across his face. Wish he would have just said "I'd like you to tell me how sexy it is." Sometimes he really confuses me, but hey, life would be boring without it ;)

I'll be getting a new toy today, yay! I am not sure what it is exactly. When I first learned I'd be getting it I went to the site to find out more about it, well it just showed up under dvd's and it's called "Bonsai." An internet search lead me to this. Lol, needless to say I was a little bit taken aback. I was like, "whoa, that's pretty weird. Guess it will be interesting to review a porn, since I've never done that before." I was a bit wary of the whole "Asian Bush" fetish going on. I told my hubby about it, and he was excited about it! Honestly I was surprised, as he is into big boobs and "bare down there." I really don't like ethnicity as a fetish, as color of skin shouldn't be considered a fetish as far as I'm concerned. Heck, I'm white and I find it offensive, I can't imagine how black or asian people feel about it.

Anyways, back to what I was talking about...hubby gets weird with porn. The rule in our house is that we only watch porn together, since he doesn't like me watching it without him, and I don't like him using all his sex drive up without me, so the rule only made sense to both of us. He is always majorly excited to watch porn together, until it actually starts...then come the comments. "wow, this is stupid. She isn't very hot. Ewww, that's gross, why would anybody enjoy that?" It usually goes on like that for about five minutes until I've had enough of it, I ask him if he just wants to turn it off...and of course he doesn't. lol I have come to believe that he really likes it, but doesn't want me to know that he does. If he can tell that I am enjoying it, he insists we turn it off and just go get busy without it. Needless to say, we don't watch porn much, as it usually only ends up lasting for about 5 minutes until we abandon it.

Yesterday I went to see if anything new about the toy had been put up onto the site, and it is now listed as a G-spot toy! I told my hubby, and he was visually disappointed (again, I wish he would make up his mind about porn so we can either not bother or else enjoy it). Anyways, I'm a little bit worried about what this toy is going to look like. Bonsai? Like a tree? I had hoped that it was a wooden toy, but it says it vibrates, so it's not likely. I have this image in my head of a woman (not me, as my imagination is not that self-torturous) trying to use a bonsai tree as a sex toy. I have NO idea what to expect! I am hoping for the best, and expecting the worst.

Waaaaay off topic here, but I fit into my pre-second baby jeans yesterday! They are junior's sizes and I don't understand the sizing as compared to ladies'. These are size 13, and they are a little smaller than my ladies' size 10 jeans. I am guessing they are near in size to what 9's would be, if I could find size 9 anywhere I would compare, though I am under the impression no such thing exists. I am NOT down to size 8 jeans yet, and I know I wouldn't be able to get my butt into a pair even if I tried. A few weeks ago I tried putting on a pair of my jeans from in between children, and I actually ripped the butt where the belt loop was sewn down. lol I won't try so hard next time :) It seems like there weren't any ladies jeans in the styles that I like (and fit me) back then. It was only 3 years ago, but it seems like ladies jeans include more than just "mom jeans" now. I may be a mother, but I am only 24 for pete's sake! Actually I doubt I'll want to wear the jeans, with tapered legs and a waist that sits under my boobs, no matter what age I reach. I have really been diggin' the Levi's that are boot cut with a mid-raise waist. They aren't too high, but my ass crack doesn't show either, and boot cut is the only style of jeans I will allow on my body.

So totally into rambling there. I should go put the netflix dvd's out before the mailman comes. When I pay the same amount no matter how long I keep the movies, I feel like I have to watch them and get them back out in the mail as fast as I possibly can. lol I know that defeats the purpose or the whole "no late fees" thing, but seriously, I don't want to just thrown my money at them for nothing!


Beautiful Dreamer said...

The Old Navy sweetheart cut is also very flattering. They hit me about 2 inches below my belly button, but provide enough coverage in the back that I can bend over without concern. :)

I wear a junior's 15 and a women's 14, if that helps at all.

Glad your hubby liked the fleshlight!

BustyBulma said...

I will have to give those jeans a try, so thanks for the recommendation! I normally try to stay out of Old Navy, just because I spend too much money there! I've mostly stuck to shirts and swim suits though, and have loved everything I've bought from them. Not sure why I didn't think about checking out their jeans too.