Monday, September 1, 2008

Still working my butt off

I don't have much to say really. Mainly tomorrow is hubby's first day at his new job. He bought some new clothes today, so he's got enough different outfits to last him 5 days without wearing the same thing twice. He'll be able to switch the shirts and pants around some without it being too obvious, but he will need more clothes soon. I can't tell if he's excited or not about tomorrow. He really hasn't been saying much about. The biggest indicator that he is nervous and excited about it is that he asked me like 5 times if his clothes looked okay. Hopefully it goes well for him.

I can't believe I'm almost done with week one of the P90X!! Tomorrow is either a rest day or "X stretch" We will be doing the X stretch as I am still pretty sore and the stretching would feel good. Today was the Kenpo X, and it was kinda awkward. It is all punching and kicking, but 'ol Tony Horton wasn't slowing down to explain the move before doing it. While they are all at the 10th rep, I'm still standing there like an idiot trying to figure out how I make my body do what it is supposed to. That whole punching while thrusting your coordinating hip forward just feels so unnatural and awkward to me. Hopefully I'll get it down a little bit better for next week.

That stupid Legs and Back from yesterday really made my butt sore. I can't figure out which exercise did it, but my ass feels like someone beat me with a baseball bat. I can't believe how sore that left me. It hurts to sit down, and going up or down stairs is a real killer.

I was so excited last post, I had lost 1.5 pounds that day...yeah, I gained it all back :( I have managed to not lose a single freaking pound this whole week!!! I would be totally pissed and upset if it weren't for the fact that my jeans are fitting better. I am thinking that I am actually building a little bit of muscle and that is outweighing the fat that I am burning (muscle does weigh more after all).

Yesterday I was pretty proud of myself that I was able to do two of the V-up, Pulse-up ab exercises. lol That sounds pretty pathetic really, but I couldn't do a single one during the previous Ab Ripper X workout. I also managed to do more of the other exercises. Yesterday was the third time doing the Ab Ripper X. The first time, I think I managed to get 5 sit ups. lol I really felt weak and wimpy after that, so I am amazed with my progress thus far. Hopefully be the end of the 90 days I'll be able to keep up with the people on the DVD...Hah! yeah, right ;)

Hubby wants to continue to do the program after finishing it, just to keep bulking up and to maintain. We will be done with the program the first week of December. I will stop doing it then, because we are planning on trying for another baby then (IF the job works out good). This is definitely NOT a program to do while pregnant or postpartum. If I get pregnant when planned, and everything goes good (namely that I live through the operation, as I seem to have a problem with hemorrhaging and trying to bleed to death) I will pick it up and start doing it again after healed from the surgery. I will most likely do other exercise that is really light for the first year, then do the P90X workout again after that. I won't exactly be able to have a 6 pack through all that, but I will be a hell of a lot thinner than I am now.

Anyways, it's time for bed. Big day tomorrow :)

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