Monday, September 29, 2008

"Worth reading, but not usefull"

If you frequent the website named EdenFantasys, then you probably already know what this post is about, solely from the title. The way reviews are ranked really bugs me. Okay, it's not really the ranking system that I don't like, it's the people who rank reviews really low without giving a reason or suggestion. I have written reviews that outlined every aspect of the product, but received "not useful at all" votes. I tend to have one extremely poor vote on each review I've done. It is pretty obvious that there is someone who doesn't like me. I am not egotistical, but I can tell a good review from a crap review, and my reviews are not crap. There have been typos, but I've not ran across a reviewer so far that has not had at least one typo.

I shouldn't worry about it, and generally I don't, but lately it's been getting under my skin. If someone has a personal problem with me (not sure how they would when they don't know me) why would they vote based off of that, and not the quality and usefulness of the review?

I've wondered if it has something to do with how "main stream" I am. I don't mean that I am "normal" because that is such an over rated word that basically means nothing to me. I am not particularly that interesting in the facts that I am heterosexual, married, white, female, and a stay at home mother of two. I don't have a dangerous life, nor am I discriminated against daily, although believe it or not, that does happen to white, straight, people too.

What reason could this person have for rating me so low? Is it because my reviews don't resemble erotica? Or maybe it's because I left a suggestion on one of their reviews, and it pissed that person off? Maybe it has something to do with my being straight and monogamous. Who knows. I've noticed this happening on some of the other people's reviews as well. Maybe I am resented because within a couple months I moved into the top 5 reviewers on the site, as far as rank is concerned anyways. I know there are a few reviewers whom have differing ideas than me...but so what? That's life in a nutshell.

It is a little bit discouraging that as soon as I submit a review, I already know it will get at least one very low ranking. It annoys me that no matter how the review turns out, I will always get those rankings. If someone is going to rank my review poorly, then I feel they should give a reason. What is so wrong with leaving a comment saying "your review would be more useful if..." Would that be so hard? The only reason to not leave a reason would be if there was none. My reviews aren't perfect, but I do take them seriously.

The whole thing with reviewer rank really got under my skin. It still bothers me a little bit, but I felt it never should have been a big deal. I was warned that I would be resented for moving up the ranks so fast...and that person was right. I had extra money at the time, and ordered a lot of toys that I wanted to try. I wrote reviews for them...GASP!!!!! My rank moved up because of it...shame on me. Seriously...why would it even matter? It shouldn't matter. I know there was a lot of resentment because I hadn't done any verified reviews. I didn't see anything wrong with writing reviews on toys I had purchased, and I still don't. Why would Eden give points towards rank for unverified reviews if they didn't want people writing them? I actually bought some toys and some lubes that didn't have any reviews for them. Those reviews were worth less just because I paid my own money for them instead of getting them for free?

I didn't join the program for the free toys, or for the coupons, or for rank. I joined the review program because I was excited about writing the reviews. I've learned a lot, and I've really broadened my horizons and experience with toys. A reviewer I've talked with through email, made it clear that she wanted a high rank in case Eden gave out coupons based off of rank. I don't see why the program should be tailored towards people who rarely participate just so they can get more free toys. It seems a little petty to me, but whatever. I had been under the impression that the review program was in place to serve the shoppers and to lure them to the site. Heck, I came in for the reviews and I stayed because of the review program and the great community. They are building a customer base, it makes perfect business sense. The site doesn't exist solely to give us free toys. I felt that the reviewer program has a ranking as a thank you to the reviewers, plus it adds some incentive for those that want it. Some people can look at it as a competition, that's fine. I don't really see it that way, and that's fine too. Some of the reviewers I respect and trust the most, are NOT in the top five. I don't think I am better than them, and I often comment that I like their reviews. I used to think the people in the top 5 were the "best" on the site, now I realize that they are the people who have the most reviews, and who write reviews frequently. My list of the top five reviewers on the site isn't the same as eden's top five.

It is all a little irritating, but in the end doesn't really matter. I still enjoy writing the reviews and being a part of the community. It will probably stay that way for as long as the site is operating.


Beautiful Dreamer said...

I like the coupons. Terrible, I know, but I couldn't afford a lot of the toys I have if it weren't for discounts. The affiliate program kicks tush too. But the main reason I stay is for the reviews.

I agree about the verified versus unverified. Sorry I spend my own money and keep the site running! Sheesh. Who the hell do we think we are?? Spending money... which makes supports Eden as a business. Haha. Someone warned you about moving up in rank quickly? That's very odd. Some of my favorites are out of the top five as well.

I'm not sure about the not helpful ranks. I tend to get a few of those from time to time. I know my reviews aren't top notch, but they're not that bad.

I love your reviews and I hope you stay around for a long time!

CatWoman said...

Yes, the votes bug me too. A few of my reviews has been penalized to the point I have never been promoted to the expert level. And indeed they left o comments at all. Gotta tell Eden they need to do something here.

BustyBulma said...

A suggestion on the forums has been made to make comments mandatory for leaving a very low rating. I am really hoping to see it implemented, as the comments or reasons why the vote was given could still remain anonymous. I think the very low rankings that are out of place have been VERY disheartening to newer reviewers as well. Some of the reviews really are bad, but most of them don't deserve the incredibly harsh votes that they get.

@ Beautiful Dreamer, I enjoy the coupons too. The person I had been talking to, wanted her rank high only because of the coupons, not just because she liked them. I see them as a little "thank you" from Eden, and that's what the rank based coupon was according to the email it was sent out in.

My hubby is having a pretty hard time with his job because of the poor economy, and we are frickin' broke as a result. I'll be using that lovely 30% off discount from the whole "Sex shop I trust" campaign to make a small order. I wouldn't have the money for anything without the discount at this point, so I am quite thankful for it as well. I am crazy, but I am planning on buying another cooling lube. Wish me luck!

The person who warned me about moving up in rank quickly, got a lot of resentment from fellow reviewers and even the admin of the review program. That 50 review cap was put in place only because of her, because other people said it wasn't possible for her to buy all those toys and that she was only trying to boost her rank by writing "fake" reviews. I am sure you know who it is that I'm talking about without listing her name.

Beautiful Dreamer said...

I can conclude who it would be. That's pretty shocking. I'm newer to the site so I don't know a lot of the history and drama that goes into it.