Thursday, October 9, 2008

Something I pulled out of my ass.

Okay, the title probably sounds pretty gross...I will admit it, it sounds EXTREMELY gross. lol Anyways, I was bored and lonely, so I just sat down and wrote this. I haven't done any editing on it or anything, so there are likely to be some errors and poor word choices. The flow probably won't be that great either, but it was for fun anyways. The characters are from a story I was writing when a teenager. Basically he is an assassin that she has hired to escort her and be her body guard while she hunts down a treasure. The tone is not ment to be "fucking," as they are just discovering that they both desire each other. Anyways, I hope everybody enjoys it :)

Shivering with cold, she clutched the worn blanket closer to her bosom. The wind howled and beat upon the thin walls of the tiny shelter. The embers crackled softly and the firelight danced around the room, filling the air with at least the look of warmth.

He lay a few feet away, on furs, with only his cloak for added protection against the frigid air. He was quiet, so still he may have been dead. She knew he did not sleep; she had never seen him sleep. He always waited until she had fallen into slumber, and made sure to rise before her in the morning.

This nameless, faceless, wanderer who lived by his dagger had probably killed more people than words slipped from his lips. He always hid himself. It was as if he had no emotion, neither happiness nor sorrow. He had shown neither fear nor anger. In the 3 months they had been traveling together, he was still as much a mystery as the day he first stepped into the pub.

The ebony eye mask covered his entire upper face, and she had never seen him without it. The narrow slits allowed only his ice blue eyes to be seen. The cloth mask he wore around the lower area of his face covered the rest of his face and his neck completely. He would pull it down to eat or drink, but this was mostly done with his back towards her. Why the excessive endeavor to hide his face? Was he hideous underneath? Perhaps he did not wish his victims to know him while they died.

Millicent drew a deep breath, and held it. She was cold, so very cold. He lay closer to the fire than she. Slowly she crawled on hands and knees over to him. He did not stir, he did not look. She knew he was aware…he was always aware. Gently she lowered herself between him and fire, drawing as close to him as possible. Still he did not move.

The blanket still clung to her, providing no warmth. Lifting his cloak gently she slid beneath it and into his warmth. It did not matter that he made his living as an assassin, at that moment he was the only heat available. The heat from his chest began to penetrate her, warming her enough for the shivering to stop. Her face lay pressed against his chest, his heat beat sounded in her head.

Warmth crawled through her body. Without thinking she scooted up, closer to his face. She pressed her lips against the cloth of his mask. He opened his eyes to gauge her, but he did not move away. She felt a slight pressure on her back, and slowly it sunk into her heart that he was touching her, pulling her closer. Her fingers still cold and a little stiff, she pulled the cloth, slowly and gently, down his face. This was the first time seeing any of his face so closely. The cloth slid effortlessly down his nose and off of his chin, revealing the lips she so desperately sought.

She brought her lips closer to his a second time, and they parted to accept her. He was gentler than she could have ever imagined. He didn’t just let her kiss him, but he kissed her back. There was a passion and a desire behind his warm skin that surprised her. His hands found their way to the back of her corset, where the laces slipped loose, freeing her breasts. He removed it from her, and cast it gently behind him. His hands moved underneath her loose blouse, caressing her soft skin.

The touch was firm and strong as he pulled her ever closer to him. His strong arms embraced her, and his lips caressed hers. Her hands were lying gently on his chest, until she lowered them. His muscles were strong and easily felt through his shirt. The belt clasp of his sheath came loose in her hands, and she felt increased warmth radiating from his body. The lacing of his pants came loose freely, and her hand found its way to his hip. She caressed him, but did not touch the area that pined for her hand.

He pulled her skirt up, and ripped her undergarments free from her. His cloak stayed over them as he rose above her. His legs slipped between hers, causing a shiver of anticipation to race through her. The aching was becoming strong, as the desire increased. He lowered down between her quivering legs, stroking them with his hands.

A tear escaped from her eye as he pressed his erection against her. With the gentle guidance of his hand, he parted her moist lips and slipped inside of her. A wave of pleasure overtook her as she was gently stretched to accommodate his girth. He pressed deeply into her and caressed her hip with his hand. His lips eagerly sought hers out, and he locked onto them as he began thrusting into her.

Her mind was lost in the moment. His breath was hurried with desire, and his body was taut. He smelled good to her, and she breathed in deeply as she buried her face against his neck. He was warm, and the firmness of his penis brought her immense pleasure. She could feel her body grasp at him, squeezing eagerly. Warmth began to build inside of her abdomen, and her vagina clenched tightly onto him. He pressed against her tightly as her body began the throws of orgasm. Moans escaped her lips, and her chest heaved with each breath. Her fingers grasped at his hips, scratching him lightly. He watched her, and continued pounding into her hungry muscles. His hands grasped at her and his chest pressed against her breasts, enjoying the convulsions of pleasure he had caused her.

He hastened his thrusts, and his breath held. His muscles became rock hard, and he froze over her for a second. She could feel him throb inside of her as he released his seed. A small sigh of pleasure escaped from his lips as his body jerked into her. The pulsing slowed, and he relaxed. The kiss he gave her was tender, but fleeting. He pulled out of her, exposing her to the cold as he pressed himself back into his pants and tied the laces shut tightly. He pulled her skirt back down around her legs and lay next to her scooping her up in his arms. She was warm, and she was satisfied. He drew the blanket and the cloak around them tightly as her eyes closed and sleep took her.

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